BBQ at the Lamb, Weare

Sat 1st September 2012

Trip Report

The weather behaved superbly for the evening, BBQ lit and a vast amount of burgers and sausages started to appear. Things started to get busy and my hero of the night appeared, Nigel stepped up and took over the BBQ apron and what an excellent job he did, he will definitely be getting an invite to the next one. Young Bradley kept Nigel busy by trying to consume half a cow in burgers, he was also seen to eat some green stuff at the end of the evening to make it a balanced diet.

It was also a bit like a car boot sale with equipment spread across the tables, tanks, weights and regs flying in all directions.

I passed round the collecting pot for donations for The Coronation Wreck Project, Steve decided to raid his penny pot and put in a huge bag of cash to start it off and Rob generously put in 10% of the takings on the sale of his kit. Notes started rolling in and by the end of the evening there was an incredible £183 in the pot. Yes Steve, Elaine and I sat up for an hour counting it all. Thanks to everyone.

Details of the Red Sea are out and 8 names are already on the list for 2013. I will be emailing full details to everyone in the next couple of days.

Thanks again to everyone for a great night and to Dave and Sue at The Lamb for their help.

Trip Details

Just for a mid season get together in this glorious summer, come along to The Lamb at Weare at about 7pm, if you have any secondhand kit you want to sell or are looking to buy then come along.

I will have some burgers and sausages or if you want some good food then give Dave and Sue a ring at the pub and book a table for a meal.

I will also have details of next years trip to The Red Sea.

Let me know if you are able to make it. Hope to see you there.

There will be a collection for the Coronation Wreck Team by means of a donation in the pot for just turning up or trying to eat my BBQ, so dig deep. We have had some good diving on the wreck site and all their work is voluntary.

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