Even More seals, Lundy Island

Fri 31st August 2012

Trip Report

Just back from another good day at Lundy with Andy and Obsession 2. A bit lumpy on the way out to the island but after the wind the night before it was not surprising. At the island we were sheltered in Gannets Bay and sat in a flat calm sea, the sun was even shining. A few young seals about but most were sat out sunbathing on the rocks. A few more Lundy newbys again this week, so kitted up and in we went.

Yet again a different scene underwater, gone were the hundreds of jellycombs and jellyfish and the seals although coming for a look at us, the amorous bulls would soon appear and chase the females off.

Back out for lunch and a welcome cuppa in the sun.

Andy then suggested a run down the coast to see if the seals were more responsive near The Knoll Pins, sure enough more in the water here, so back in and they were certainly more responsive here. Strange just a few hundred yards and different again. Everyone had a close encounter even though the bulls were trying to keep order. Back on board for a really nice ride back to Ilfracombe sat up on the fly deck in the sun. Back in harbour unloading at low tide is hard work so Alec and I stopped for a staff ice-cream at the end of the day. Now back home with a glass of the good stuff.

Trip Details

Yes even more diving at Lundy with the seals, I managed to book yet another day to dive with the them, but it has already been filled before coming live on the website.

It will be 2 dives on board Obsession 2 leaving from Ilfracombe.

If you are interested in booking a place please email me with your details and I will put you on the reserve list.

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