More Lundy, Lundy Island

Fri 10th August 2012

Trip Report

The summer arrived at least for 24 hours as we arrived in Ilfracombe. A superb hearty breakfast at Adele's Cafe and off to load the boat. Several Lundy newbys on board and off we went. Not even half way there and we were joined by a big pod of dolphins bowriding the boat, a real treat. A bit further on and we thought we were in for another special treat of a large turtle on the surface but as we drew close we saw the sad sight of a dead bloated seal.

Onward to the island and several seals waiting for us in the water. A quick change and kit up and a welcome jump in the sea to cool off. Everyone had a close encounter with cameras snapping away. Back on board to soak up the sun and a cuppa with Sue's now famous bara-brith cake. We all had just a small slice ! but Trudy decided to throw some over the side, an insight of things to come.

Now the predicted flat calm seas started to change very quickly, so we jumped back in for dive 2. Again everyone bar Sue, Trudy and myself had a close up encounter with plenty of fins being nibbled. Trudy and myself feeling a bit rough due to the world rocking about too much, headed back to Obsession. Back on board and thats when Trudy saw Sues cake for the second time. The sea was getting even lumpier and we were glad to set off for home. Still another great day and many thanks to Andy Bengey and Obsession 2. Back next week.

Trip Details

Due to the extreme demand for this trip I managed to book yet another day to dive with the seals, but it has already been filled before coming live on the website.
It will be 2 dives on board Obsession 2 leaving from Ilfracombe.
If you are interested in booking a place please email me with your details and I will put you on the reserve list.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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