Advanced Kayaking, Devon, Somewhere

Sat 21st January 2012 - Sun 22nd January 2012

Trip Report

Thanks to Gwilym Starks of Wet and High Adventures and Dan for an enjoyable but hard couple of days on the River Tone at Taunton, for the final day some of us had to canoe, single handedly against the wind and current whilst others had the pleasure of canoeing back with the wind and current !!! As for the falling in and getting wet bit, Scaff had that off to a fine art even doing it when he wasn't asked to, also laughing as you fall in head first, whilst trying to get back in the canoe, I found was not a good plan as I inhaled and ingested rather too much of the River Tone. So I now have to sterilise my insides to kill off the bugs, a home recipe by Glenmorangie should do the trick. It should also help all the other aching bits I have. Feet up and the first glass of medicine :-)

Trip Details

Following in on from the 1 Star course I have now arranged for a full weekend for 12 people to complete the 2 Star course. Over the weekend Wet And High Adventures will put us through even more skills using 2 different types of kayaks/canoes. The venue will be decided nearer the time, but be sure we will be getting wet and having a laugh.

Full details to come

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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