The M2, Weymouth

Fri 29th June 2012

Trip Report

Yet another one goes down to the great British summer.

Trip Details

Now as a lot of divers know this is a difficult wreck to get on due to some fast running tides in the area, so I have hopefully got the tide times right, we just need the weather.

The M2 is a submarine that sank in 1932 in Lyme Bay whilst on a training exercise with all 60 crew. For full details have a look a

We will be diving from Divetime, a very comfortable catamaran. You will need to be qualified to dive to 35m, it can be a difficult dive so you will need to be confident. I will be onboard with another instructor should you want an accompanied dive, no problem, no extra charge.

If you want to get your Deep Diver qualification beforehand just email me, this will qualify you to dive to 40m.

The second dive will be a shallower wreck or drift, the choice will be yours.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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