5 Star Diving, Poole

Sat 12th May 2012

Trip Report

Off to Poole so bright and early, the sun was only just getting up when we set off. Unbelievably I said sun, yes it was blue skies all the way and the sun appeared and the wind dropped, it couldn't have been a better start. On arrival Trevor true to his word had the sausage sandwiches ready with a cup of tea whilst we loaded the boat. There was a little problem for those vertically challenged people among us as the tide was out and it was a bit of a drop to get on board, but we threw Donna on anyway.

Now motoring out gave us a bit of a clue as the water was a bit brown looking rather than blue, but everything else was perfect, so we headed out to Swanage and the Kyarra a large ship which sank in WW1 having been torpedoed by a U boat. We had to wait a while for slack water but in we jumped. Half was down was the next big clue, torches on and it was getting dark. Most people just hit the wreck and decided that was enough and came straight back. The viz was nil. to a metre in places. I perserved with Fabian on his wreck course, luckily tying off with a line at various points to find our way back.

So back on board and a welcome 3 hour lunch/surface break with the BBQ going and Sue offering large quantities of food with some very nice flapjacks. Andrea and Fabian the veggies on board trying to convince me that a lettuce sandwich was better for me than a chunky juicy burger cooked by Trevor. Wasn't going to happen.Think everyone just enjoyed being sat in the sun for a change.

Anyway I insisted on dive 2 and a shallower foraging drift dive. So in we got to about 15m and a leisurely drift and a few scallops in the bag. The viz was still not good but sufficient for a decent dive. Back on board and into harbour for the long haul home. A great day out and the company certainly made up for the poor viz.

Forgot to mention, if you happen to find yourself diving the Kyarra and recover a nice little rechargeable black torch I'd love to have it back. It was on it's first outing

Trip Details

We are back for a third year with Rocket out of Poole, the service has always been good from Trevor and his father. From the bacon butty whilst loading the boat to the fresh mackeral caught by us and put straight on the BBQ at lunchtime, thats before we even start on the diving. A wreck dive usually in the 25 - 30 m range followed by a drift. Should there be time we may even get to go after the seahorses again, one day I will find them.

You will need to be Advanced Open Water with a DSMB and 2 tanks.

I will be on board with another instructor so if you require a guided dive, no problem, no extra charge.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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