Finding Treasure, Plymouth

Sat 21st April 2012 - Sun 22nd April 2012

Trip Report

The first boat trip of the season to dive the protected Historic Coronation Wreck at Plymouth and assist with some of the research being carried out.

We all met on time at Mount Batten and loaded all the kit onto Top Gun, with skipper Gary and new deck hand Pete. Now the sea didn't look too bad around the harbour but head out just around the corner and there was a fair swell and a few white horses. But Mark from the Project dropped us in right on top of the Offshore site and the tour of all the cannon lying around began.

Back on board with everyone having had a taste of what the wreck is about. Then Huey and Barfman decided to visit the boat due to the rough condition. Leon on his first UK boat dive went very quiet, going through various colour changes ending up on green, it was not good seeing as it was his birthday. I think the lunchtime pasties supplied by Top Gun and Sue's mini sausages may not of helped the situation.

Off for dive 2 and the Treasure hunting begins. We were to explore magnetometer hits on the sea floor to identify whether they may have come from the Coronation. 3 were chosen by Mark as the biggest targets, so we split into 3 groups to see what we could find, Huey and Barfman stayed on the boat, going greener and greener. At the end of the dive, a cannon not seen for 30 years, a broken pulley wheel and a round thing !! that will be worth looking at again. Back to the Boringdon Arms and a couple of relaxing pints followed by the biggest rack of ribs I have ever seen. Heuy and Barfman got their appetites back. Then knackered an early night for me and Alec in our bunkroom, to be joined later by Huey and Barfman. It was the worst nights sleep I have ever had, noises from most body orifices all night long, followed by the arrival sound of an email at 3am and Leons bloody alarm going of at 5.30. Turn your damn phones off at night !!!!!!!! Rant over.

Day 2 and up for breakfast, another good meal at the pub. Off to pick up Top Gun, all ready for 9am, the water now looking a bit rougher. But in we went to dive a debris trail to see what we could see. Leons challenge for the day was doing 2 dives, he made it but Barfman didn't, after the first dive he got back on board, said "Oh No" and head over the rail for the rest of the day.

There are plenty or artefacts lying around, but establishing whether they were from the Coronation was hard. By the end of the dive the sea was really picking up and we decided to go for a sheltered drift dive away from the site. A more relaxing dive to finish of a good weekend. My thanks to all those on board who contributed to a very different type of diving, to Sue for the mountain of food she bought with her and for Mark and all the Coronation Project Team for their work. Looking forward to the next one as soon as I can arrange it.

Trip Details

To start the dive trips off this year we will be heading for The Coronation Wreck site. This is a protected wreck site, which can only be dived with a licence from the licence holders. Somerset Divers is a sponsor for the team who are researching the wreck. This is a man of war ship which sank in 1691 with most of the 500 crew, for more details go to

This will be a weekend of diving from Top Gun, a local dive boat, helping to check out the magnetometer hits that the research team would like to identify. There are about 100 hits but we will try and check out just a few, will it be an item of treasure, a lost cannon, a personal item from one of the crew, or a piece of scrap metal dumped from one of the many thousands of ships that have passed by over the years.

Dive 1 - will be on the Coronation Wreck main site where you will see some of the many cannons that are on the sea bed.

Dive 2 - divers will work in teams of 3 or 4 to check out the mag hits. Having identified the item you will record the details, maybe photograph it, then conduct a search of maybe 20m around the object, recording all finds.

An over night stay in Plymouth (not included in the price), may be a couple of beers.
Day 2 and Dive 3 - Again working in groups of 3 or 4.
Dive 4 - can be a choice depending on the finds made. Further mag hits or a swim back to the main site from the best mag hits to see what can be seen.

This will be a strictly no take weekend as regards finds, we will be joined by members of the project team who will give us direction. There will be no guided dives, each diver will need 2 tanks and DSMB. Accommodation must be booked separately at each divers expense, suggest B&B at The Mountbatten Centre, but bear in mind the trip may be cancelled due to weather.

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