Shark Project 2012, Red Sea

Fri 12th October 2012 - Fri 19th October 2012

Trip Report

Yet again Blue O2 set up an amazing week for us, 20 of us eventually headed out of Gatwick after a 4 hour delay, thanks Thomas Cook I will try not to use you again. But on arrival and into the welcoming arms of the Blue O2 reps led by FeFe. Straight to the boat and meeting up with Elke and Kevin our guides for the week, all unpacked within an hour.

I love the first day, getting up early and walking out on deck with a cup of tea and seeing a blue sky, the sun rising and stood there in shorts and a T shirt in the heat. Brilliant after the summer we have had here. Off we go, a quick check out dive and on for the shark diving. During the week we were treated to Hammerhead, Oceanics, grey reef and thresher sharks. Threshers were a first for me and these 2 were quite big with big black eyes. Swimming around in that lovely clear water under the boats with big Oceanics circling you is something I don't think you can ever forget.

The weather could not have been better for us, hot, 30+ most of the time with a gentle sea breeze and a calm sea. Cameras were clicking away at the varied reef life and at the sharks. Thanks to Kevin for the superb photos he has already added to the website. Scaff would often been seen disappearing into the depths camera out in front with a shark disappearing away from him. He always came back at 40m though, of course. Rhiannon we won't mention about leaving weights behind, even the best of us can do it. Gwilym as a trainee Divemaster would claim to have led all the dives where we saw sharks and if we didn't, " Oh I thought you were leading that one ". Dan completed his 100th dive by mooning at an Oceanic, not a pretty sight. Enough to turn a shark into a vegetarian. Whilst we were all in a variety of clothing underwater from speedos to 3mm wetsuits, Rob was a sight to behold in a drysuit with twin tanks, going to have to get you in a shortie next year. Rhiannon started the week wanting to swim next to Elke for protection from the big bad shark, well that changed after dive 1, she now loves them. Sue has now found a buddy she can talk to continuously underwater in Rhiannon, the amount of signs that were being made up for different fish was amazing and they were remembering them all. Still doing it on the plane home though I thought was a bit much. We were treated to a talk from Elke on her work with sharks everyday, Hazel was a bit tired but snoring through one of the talks was a bit much.

And so back to port for the last night out, best we don't say too much about that then Scaff. A relaxing day by the pool before being told Thomas Cook had done it yet again and a 4 hour delay. But Fefe came up trumps again and supplied us with an evening meal before we left for the airport. Thomas Cook then supplied us with what they jokingly called a meal as compensation for a 4 hour delay. 2 of the worst rolls I had seen in my life and a box of fruit juice. Think they need to get some new people in the customer relations department.

My thanks go to Blue O2 for all their hard work, to the crew and guides of Blue Horizon your service was superb and to everyone who came along, thanks for a very enjoyable week.

Trip Details

Following the excellent trips to dive with the sharks in the Red Sea, I am now looking ahead to 2012 to book a similar trip. I would like to be able to secure the whole boat again so I need to be quick to ensure this. I have reserved Blue Horizon and can hold this for just 1 month until 12th October.

Some details of the trip, we fly from Gatwick to Hurghada and with just a 10 minute transfer we board the boat. We set off on the route named as Simply The Best, this means that we avoid all the day boats and keep to the outer dive sites. We will be treated to a talk everyday from the resident shark expert Elke on how to react with the sharks about and the way they are being killed for shark fining and the like. We have previously been treated to close up and exciting encounters with Oceanic White Tip, Silky, Hammerhead and Thresher sharks. The crew are excellent always willing to help and the food is always plentiful and of a good standard. The cost of the trip is £1249 each. This includes all your diving, food, soft drinks, transfers and flights. It does not cover alcohol. There are 26 places on the boat, as a booking agent for Blue O2, if I book 10 people on I receive 1 free place, 20 people 2 free places. These places I will put back in to reduce the cost of the trip which will bring it down to about £1150. A deposit of £313 is required on booking.

You will need to be a PADI Advanced Diver or equivalent with 50 logged dives, but as any of those who went this year the diving is not too difficult and the guides on the boat are always ready to join you should you need their assistance.

To find out more about Blue O2 go to . If you would like to find out more about the trip email me.

As I have said there are only 26 places, book early to ensure your place they will go fast again.

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