Fancy Finding Treasure, Coronation Wreck Plymouth

Sat 10th September 2011 - Sun 11th September 2011

Trip Report

Yet again the weather beats us, my thanks to all that were involved in the planning, we will get there.

Trip Details

I have been able to put together a weekend, 10th -11th September, diving the Coronation Wreck at Plymouth with the help of The Project Team.

The Team have had a magnetometer survey done of the site and there are about 100 different hits to be checked out.

The plan is to assist in the archaeological work by diving some of the magnetometer hits around the Coronation and identify whether they are part of the wreck or not.
I have chartered “Top Gun” as a dive boat for the weekend working from Mountbatten at Plymouth, a member of The Project Team will be on board to direct operations along with myself and another instructor to assist with your diving. There will be no guided dives due to the work involved. (twin sets not recommended due to space on boat).

The first dive will be on the Coronation site where you will see the work that has been carried out and the cannons in the area.

For the second dive we will split into groups of 4, each group diving a mag hit to identify it and make a small search of the surrounding area. If you believe the hit is part of the wreck you will record details, possibly photograph it, for later work.

Day 2 and the first dives will be more mag hits.
The final dive will be swimming from the best mag hits back towards the wreck site to see what else you can find and record it.

So as you can see there are lot of personal skills you will need for the work, happy to work a bit further away from your buddy than usual, navigation skills, confident with DSMB deployment, search patterns, good buoyancy skills, photography. You will need 2 tanks, DSMB, be PADI Advanced Open Water or equivalent.
The whole area is part of the protected site and you will need a licence to dive it, which the team will organise, the area has not been dived so you just don’t know what you will find, treasure, possibly but I’m afraid you will not be bringing it up. Stu and I were lucky enough to find an anchor the other day which had not been seen since the Coronation sank in 1691.

Accommodation, I have been able to get hold of a self catering bunkhouse in Princetown on Dartymoor 25 mins away for just £10 (based on 12 divers) a night, a bit basic but that’s why it’s £10, alternatively there is plenty of B&Bs around Mountbatten.

The total cost of the diving for the 2 days will be £120 (Does not include B&B) and at least 4 dives. Once you have booked your place payment you will be responsible for the payment as your name will go onto the licence to dive the site and is non-transferable. Airfills will be available at Mountbatten.

There are 12 places each day

First come first served, email me.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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