Scalloping dive, West Bay

Tue 26th July 2011

Trip Report

An excellent evening for a change, sun shining boiling hot and a fairly flat sea. A boat full of divers, a few old hands and a few new ones, lots of new lift bags and questions about what does this do then. A bit of advice and off we go. Straight out onto the Ledges and in we go, absolutely no current so for a change we actually had to swim.

Superb viz and scallops were filling up the bags. Lobsters were seen but not taken, couldn't understand that one myself, even photos of them, a big conger sat under some rocks and a couple of nice edible crabs. 80 scallops and 2 edible crabs for me, Dan on his first experience had about 20, Donna and Lee didn't quite master the lift bag, but back on the boat with the scallops. Then a very pleasant run back to West By with a superb sunset. Back again on the 9th August

Trip Details

Scalloping trip to West Bay on board Huntress, one dive, £16 direct to the skipper. Leaving West Bay at 7pm. Depth approx 25m. You will need to be Advanced Open Water with DSMB and collecting bag.

No guided dives

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Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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