Scalloping West Bay, West Bay

Wed 16th September 2009

Trip report. Another trip out of Westbay on board huntress after the scallops. Steamed out of the harbour on time, on a flat sea with a stunning sunset, then turned round and steamed back in, when some idiot thought they had left their car keys hanging out of the door lock, just got back in and the same idiot found them in his drysuit pocket, shan't say anymore about that. Anyway steamed out again to the Baygitano, myself, Scaff and Popstar entered the water as it got dark, 20 metres and 46mins later we surfaced with 50 scallops. Its slightly eerie sat in the middle of a dark sea with the dive boat several hundred yards away and you hope that he sees you. Unfortunately we shall not know how many scallops Scaff had, as his line snapped under the shear weight, bag of scallops and reel are now somewhere on the bottom north east of the Baygitano.

Excellent nightdive, good Viz, good company. Probably same again next week.

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