Even more seals at Lundy, Lundy Island

Fri 19th August 2011

Trip Report

What a manic day, 2 boats and 27 divers set out from Ilfracombe on Obsession 1 & 2. Stu despite being treated to a slap up breakfast moaning that he was on the slower boat AGAIN ! Anyway more dive kit than you find in most dive shops loaded on board and off we go, a superb sunny morning with none of the recent bad weather, a calm sea and no wind. Motor on over and into Gannets Bay, with the seals already in and waiting for us.

Quite a few Lundy virgins on the boats and the seals did not dissapoint. Hopefully plenty of photos to come. Close up encounters all round. Halfway through the first dive and a sighting of a long finned pilot whale cruising past, not 200 yards from us, back on the boats shortly after and a huge pod of dolphins hunting just off the Island.

A superb sight, but we think that attracted the seals out to feed on whatever they were hunting.

Now when you have a Sue on board she tends to bring loads of food, we started lunch with sausage rolls and mini sausages served on the front deck followed by a superb cake, Charlie did complain though that her service of a cup of tea to go with it was a bit slow.

Back in for dive 2 and a distinct lack of seals. Just a couple of encounters, nothing like the first dive. Sightings of a couple of huge lobsters and of course they stayed there as it is a marine reserve.

Back on board for the trip back and about half an hour back and a big pod of dolphins straight under our boat, but definitely not interested in us and they passed us by.

Now getting back to Ilfracombe at low tide with a mountain of kit is not good, those steps seemed to get higher and higher as we lugged it back to the carpark. Everyone happy after a long day, cars and vans packed and back on the road. Many thanks to the skippers Andy and Ian for excellent service yet again.

And feet up with a glass of the the good stuff, thanks all.

Trip Details

Due to the massive demand I have been able to secure another trip to Lundy Island to dive with the seals on board Obsession 2 and now Obsession 1 as well.

You only need to be an Open Water Diver, you will need 2 tanks and DSMB, a camera is also a must have item.

There are 27 available places. Times to be arranged.
2 instructors will be on each boat , so if you want an accompanied dive, no problem and no extra charge.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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