A Big Day Out With The Seals, Lundy

Fri 24th June 2011

Trip Report

Everyone arrived on time and on to the correct boats. Obsession 1 started off half an hour before the rest of us on Obsession 2, but we soon overtook them. With only one engine it was a long haul for everyone and it was a bit lumpy. Andrea suffered even on the stable Ob 2 and got to see her bacon sandwich she had had for breakfast earlier.

On obsession 2 we were again lucky enough to be joined by a pod of dolphins bow riding the boat. On arrival at Gannets Bay the seals were ready and waiting for us. All kitted up and in quickly and again the seals performed for us. Especially a small, nearly all black seal. He was over everyone, some good close photos and videos in the bag on the first dive.

As we finished our dive Obsession 1 eventually arrived and everyone was in pretty quick and the seals just kept performing.

Plenty of excited chatter and happy divers. Back in for dive 2 and I think we had worn some of them out as they were falling asleep in front of us without a care in the world. More close up encounters and good photos.

Back on board and the long haul back for Obsession1 even though we took most of the dive kit. My thanks to everyone who had to put up with it and still came back smiling. Hope it will be as good with the seals next weekend.

Trip Details

Due to the massive response to dive with the seals I have managed to charter Obsession 1 and 2, both boats are now full and a waiting list has started. 27 lucky divers will be heading for Lundy. It could be because of the recent Britains Secret Seas programme or because it is Lundy's Marine Reserve 40th birthday either way it is going to be a great day. We just need playful seals and fine weather.

There will be 2 dives with the seals on the Island
You will need to be an Open Water Diver or equivalent, with 2 tanks and DSMB. Times to be arranged.

2 instructors will be on each boat, so if you want an accompanied dive, no problem and no extra charge.

If you require kit hire for the trip I have several sets at £35 for full kit for the day plus £4.50 per air fill.

Cheques in full at the time of booking the trip, payable to Somerset Divers, 23 Labourham Way, Cheddar, Somerset, BS27 3 XJ. If cheques not received within 1 week, your place will be re-advertised.

This is strictly first come first served, so email me back at dave@somersetdivers.co.uk

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Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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