Coronation Wreck Dive, Plymouth

Sat 4th June 2011

Trip Report

At long last we arrived at Discovery Divers to dive The Coronation Wreck, a briefing over a cup of tea and a first glimpse of the new diver trail guides. Superb, photos, directions description and map.

Oh and a very noticeable advert on the back page !

All aboard Red Alert for the short journey to the site, into the water by 10.15. Now the directions seemed simple, N.N.E from the shot line, congratulations to Pete and Lucy for navigating hte whole site. Most people found themselves amongst the cannon at some stage. The bearings supplied where accurate, more than can be said for some of us.

A leisurely lunch around the corner sat in the sun and off to the James Egan Lane. Now I have dived this several times before with dubious viz, this time 10-15m, brilliant. The best dive I have ever had on it. Plenty of fish life, even found the detached stern end without any trouble.

One minor problem, Pete and I thought it was time to get the wetsuits out, WRONG, 40 mins in and it was certainly the wrong decision.

Thanks to everyone on board and to Dave at Discovery Divers for the service. Back soon I hope.

Trip Details

Ok the time has come to give you details of the first dive on The Coronation Wreck. Saturday 4th June out of Bovisand on Red Alert. This will be 2 dives, hopefully on the wreck, but this cannot be promised due to the weather and the currents. You will need to be Advanced Open Water or equivalent, with DSMB and 2 tanks. The cost of the dives will be £60. There will be no guided dives as such although I will be on the boat with another instructor for anyone requiring a buddy. Tanks and kit hire available. £35 for a full set which includes 2 tanks, or £5 a tank, tanks must be returned full, you can obtain an airfill at Bovisand. Be prepared to have some fun and do some work hopefully on an exciting site.

Strict rules apply to this one. If you put your name down you have to pay immediately and it is none refundable as a licence has to be obtained for you in advance and this is not transferable. I will need your full name, qualification and contact phone number. On the day we may be checked by English Heritage so bring some ID to show that you are on the licence.

The money will be refunded if the dive is cancelled due to the weather.

On the dive nothing must be touched, disturbed, moved or removed from the site. If you find something that you think is not known about, please note its position and inform The Project. Do not try to recover anything yourselves. Even if it looks modern, it must remain on site. It should be noted by all divers that English Heritage will prosecute divers who flout the law. Please do not put yourself or allow any of your group to put you in this position. I will be the lead diver on the dive and it will be my responsibility to make sure everyone complies, I wish to return several times to the site so rest assured I will comply with the rules.

After the dive, diver report forms must be completed by each diver pair. A diver report must be filled in for each individual dive.

Photography is permitted and welcomed on site. But a copy of every photograph taken is required in Jpeg format, on a CD, with your completed post dive forms.
The Project reserve the right to publish and use any photographs taken.Each diver pair are required to fill out their own post dive form.

All post dive forms and photographs need to be returned to The Project within 14 days of the dive.
At the end of the dives, to assist The Project with funding, I will be asking for a couple of quid as a donation.

Email me at

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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