A right Royal day out and a new Venture for 2011, Weymouth

Fri 29th April 2011

Trip Report

What a Right Royal Day, and we didn't see anything of the wedding, even though I am a staunch royalist.
Somerset Divers headed for Weymouth for the boat Divetime, a very large catamarran with tail lift.
The plan for the M2 dive was cancelled due to the tides not being right and we headed for the James Fennel wreck just west of Portland Bill, a good move, totally sheltered from the breeze. Now apart from it being a Royal wedding we had our own celebration on board, Sue's 50th birthday. So honours to Sue for being the first buddy team in. Down the line and stunning viz, at least 10m. Oh look there's a nudibranch and another and another and another. I have never seen so many in UK waters. Brilliant. The wreck is badly broken up between massive boulders at about 18m but the viz was exceptional. Big wrasse, dogfish, squat lobsters and plenty of life. Back to the boat and Spike manages to lose a fin on his ascent, luckily the skipper Paul has just one fin in the spares locker.

Then out comes the soup and sandwiches, unexpectedly supplied.

Dive 2 a drift along Lulworth Banks at 20m, again superb viz 10+m and the scallops were being gathered in the bag by yours truly, my buddies Jenny and Donna didn't quite have the hang of it, 1 scallop between them !!!

At one stage I realised they had swum back against the current a bit to do a bit of window shopping on a beautiful reef, so I decide to swim back to them, 30 bar later having dragged an inflated lift bag and DSMB, they signalled ok and off they went, I'm knackered. Shortly after we ascended, only to find they had been looking at a huge lobster and hadn't told me.

Back on board, out comes John, first mate with hot drinks and hot doughnuts. Then Sue cracks open a few bottles of champagne for everyone to celebrate her 50th.

A brilliant day out on a very special day, the next date is already booked with Divetime and I will be advertising it shortly.

Now relaxing watching the wedding highlights after several glasses of wine.

Trip Details

As you may now know this is the date of William and Kate's big day and as I haven't had an invite I will be diving on a new venture for 2011, Somerset Divers will be heading for Weymouth to dive from Divetime, a large catamaran with tail lift and plenty of room.

It may be possible to dive the WWII wreck of the M2 submarine. The second dive will be a reef/drift dive, no doubt with some scalloping involved.
You will need to be an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent, with 2 tanks and DSMB. There are 12 available places. Times to be arranged.

I will be on the boat with another instructor, so if you want an accompanied dive, no problem and no extra charge.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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