5 Star diving , Poole

Sat 17th September 2011

Trip Report

We loaded up at 9am with sausage rolls being prepared. Straight out on a fairly calm sea and to the first dive, a drift across Swanage Bay, Jason although experienced, on his first UK dive, joined me and Laura. Viz pretty good at around 6-8m seeing the weather we have had. Some small life about and a couple of dogfish. Claims of lobsters and large edible crabs and "why didn't you see them Ken" just to wind me up.

Into Swanage Bay, as the sea was picking up a bit, for a leisurely lunch. Trevor got the BBQ going for a few burgers rolls and I opened up a couple of scallops for the freshest sushi ever. Finished off with Sue bringing around a rather nice homemade fruit cake. But she did let the side down a bit as we had to get our own tea. Buck up next time Sue.

We decided on trying the Kyarra, but luckily just before we arrived, Divers Down set some divers in the water, 2 submerged but 6 stayed on the boat refusing to get in as it was getting too rough. Good enough for us we headed inshore to The Fleur De Lys, but even there the swell was building, heading round behind Old Harry, but then a last minute change of plan to dive The Valentine Tanks. Second World War floating tanks, well not a good idea as they didn't exactly float. Anyway, not too rough and down we went. Now they are not too big as a dive site, but what a lot of wildlife. A massive shoal of pout whiting which surrounded you as you swam through, large tompot blennies and underneath loads of prawns. A lobster was seen and well one less edible crab now.

Unfortunately Trevor didn't tell us that there was a rope leading from one tank to the next where there is apparently an 80lb conger. So we drifted off over a sea floor covered in thousands of some sort of mussel shells. A few dogfish but not too exciting. So up we came, now it is surprising how the sea can change in 30mins and trying to get yourself on a taillift when it is bouncing around a bit was a bit hairy. But everyone made it. Then on to find the elusive seahorses back in the calm of the harbour. 20 minutes in the water and they are still elusive, but the amount of macro life in 2m in the seagrass is very impressive.

Back into harbour and one more surprise dive, on stacking the tanks on the harbour wall one slid down and into the harbour and disappeared. Now as it was a Somerset Divers tank I was expecting to get rather wet again, but Colin jumped up and volunteered and in he jumped in, in a rash vest and shorts. Nearly 20 mins of searching around and up he comes with it, my new hero and well worth a couple of pints on me.

Again my thanks to Trevor for his hospitality and with dates all set for 2012, I look forward to diving with him again.

Trip Details

More of the best, 5 star diving at Poole on board Rocket, with the excellent service we received through 2010 of bacon butties, BBQ lunch and hot drinks, followed by the luxury of possibly a third dive looking for those elusive seahorses.
The first dive is planned to be a wreck dive, the second dive will be a reef/drift dive, no doubt with some scalloping involved.

You will need to be an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent, with 2 tanks and DSMB. There are 12 available places. Times to be arranged.

I will be on the boat with another instructor, so if you want an accompanied dive, no problem and no extra charge.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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