5 Star diving is back, Poole

Sat 14th May 2011

Trip Report

Another stunning day to head to the coast, early start to get to Poole, I forgot Popstar works on a different time clock to everyone else, so leaving at 6.45 to most people means just that not still loading the van at 7!!!

Anyway made it with time to spare. Everyone on the harbourside loading up and looking on a nice calm sea. Sausage sandwiches being served up by our skipper Trevor on board Rocket.

A leisurely start and in for the first dive, a very fast drift which was meant to be hunting our lunch of scallops to be cooked on the BBQ. Unfortunately no scallops and 1 oyster, oh and one intriging plate found by Neil, marked with a WR crest by Minton pottery. Scaff letting go of his DSMB from the bottom at 18m, manages to get right under Rocket at the surface, Gary said the look of surprise on his face as the line wraps around the prop and comes flying off the reel was brilliant. Luckily the reel was not attached and he had the good sense to let go. Not a good spot for scallops Trevor. Bit of a wind started to pick up so we headed in shore for a few burgers on the BBQ, all tasted very nice. But me and a few others found out that when the sea picks up, burgers don't mix well.

Off to the second dive site, The Venezuela, and this wind which was not predicted picks up. Trevor shots the wreck perfectly, now feeling a bit rough, so quickly in with my ever ready buddy Sue and straight down, that bloody burger was even fighting down there to come out! Lobster sighting, one in the bag, Sue then spots another amongst a load of fish life and congers. Got hold of it, but the little beggar made good his escape. Then the daddy of them all lurking under a piece of wreckage, but he managed to slip under a bit further and with all those congers about I was not going to put my little fingers in there to find him. Viz not too special down there, but did manage to find a torch down there, still glowing in the murk.

Back on board and I felt like death warmed up and I found that the lobster was carrying eggs, so back she went, so up onto the front of the boat for a little nap to sleep it off. Note to self, remember to take the seasick tablets.

Everyone back on board and Trevor kindly lets some have a third dive in the seahorse reserve, still no ruddy seahorse sightings. Back in harbour and on the road by 6. Look forward to the other trips down there.

Trip Details

Back to the 5 star diving at Poole on board Rocket, with the excellent service we received through 2010 of bacon butties, BBQ lunch and hot drinks, followed by the luxury of possibly a third dive looking for those elusive seahorses.
The first dive is planned to be a wreck dive, the second dive will be a reef/drift dive, no doubt with some scalloping involved.
You will need to be an Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent, with 2 tanks and DSMB. There are 12 available places. Times to be arranged.
I will be on the boat with another instructor, so if you want an accompanied dive, no problem and no extra charge.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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