Dive with the seals, Lundy Island

Sat 2nd July 2011

Trip Report

Back again and what a difference a week can make, well not to the boat, Obsession 1 was still only on one engine, but this time the currents were with us and definitely the weather. Flat calm all the way and the sun was shining, 2 hours and we were at the Island. Straight to Gannets Bay, but this time not many seals.

All kitted up and in we go, a bit of a current running and at low tide a distinct lack of playful seals. A couple came and had a look but soon disappeared, so we moved on. The viz was also reduced by muck in the water. So we decided on a cup of tea in the sun.

Back on board and everyone was a bit dissappointed. Lunch in the sun was excellent and I made a decision of making a long swim to the only 2 seals we could see in the bay, asleep on the rocks in the sun. So off we went eventually getting to them after 20 mins, we sat in the water looking at them, looking at us, looking at them. Then for no reason one of them seemed to get spooked and jumped in the water. I looked down and saw him now looking up at us, an invitation to play maybe. So I dropped down and that was the start of 30 minutes of real close encounters. Every 10 metres or so he would stop in front of us and want to interact. The best thing to do is take a diver in with a receding hair line, no offence James, who does not have a hood on. This seal was fascinated. Right up in his mask and then seeming to sniff his forehead, brilliant. The seal would keep appearing in front of us and at one stage laid on it's back, an invitation to scratch it's stomach so I did, then all of a sudden it sat up with mouth open and teeth showing, scared me, but then was it just ticklish. It certainly kept following us. Back on board and everyone had had the close up seal encounter, another good day.

Trip Details

Back to an old favourite, 2 dives with the seals out on Lundy Island aboard Obsession 1, out of Ilfracombe.
There will be 2 dives with the seals on the Island
You will need to be an Open Water Diver or equivalent, with 2 tanks and DSMB. There are 12 available places. Times to be arranged.

I will be on the boat with another instructor, so if you want an accompanied dive, no problem and no extra charge.

This is ideal for newly qualified divers or experienced divers who just love the wildlife experience.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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