Seal Dives, Lundy

Fri 15th October 2010

Trip Report

Another good day out to Lundy with Andy and Obsession. A nearly flat calm sea with very little wind and we were treated to dolphins jumping out of the water in front of us and alongside just before we got to the Island. Brillliant start. On to the Island and a couple of seals in the water waiting for us, so quickly kitting up, into wetsuits for some of us, still warm enough out there for some of us hardened divers. Popstar and Chris were in drysuits.
Dive one and everyone had a seal encounter, coming up close and nibbling fins. Although they did hold back a bit to start with. Amazing jellycombs and jellyfish cruising along. Back on the boat for a quick lunch and a welcome cup of tea. Hazel surviving her first UK sea dive and still warm ! Told you it's warmer in the sea than quarries.
Dive 2, just as good, Fabian and myself drop down straight from the boat and within a couple of minutes Fabian has one tugging at his fins. Up to the shallows and a few more close encounters for everyone. Hopefully pictures to follow.
A mix of people for the boat, newly qualified and experienced divers, all agreeing that it was worth the trip.
Thats the last one for this year, roll on 2011.
Many thanks to all from Somerset Divers.
And now a glass of wine, aaaahhh and relax, a good day.

Trip Details

The final dive trip of the year to Lundy Island, to dive with the seals.

We will be leaving from Ilfracombe on Board Obsession 2, yes Andy has kindly said we can have the bigger boat. There will be 2 dives with the seals, so you will need 2 tanks and a DSMB.

Sorry the trip is already full, but I will start a reserve list.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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