Shark Special, Red Sea

Fri 18th November 2011 - Fri 25th November 2011

Trip Report

Another good trip from Blue O2.

We all managed to meet at Gatwick airport in plenty of time and board the plane with no problems, even Popstar. On board and the usual exciting plane food and enough leg room if you are 5 foot nothing. Sue and Donna were fine, room to spare !

On arrival we were soon whisked away by very efficient Blue O2 staff, but Gary then decided he had left something on the plane, that was the start of Gary leaving things in strange places. During the week he managed to suggest someone had stolen his speedos, god knows why they would want to do that, someone had moved his undersuit, his wetsuit , his boots and most of his other dive kit, but it was all found later exactly where he had left it we suspect. The last night was a bit worrying when we thought he had managed to even lose himself. Anyway eventually on board and it is now like coming home. Settled straight in with a welcome from Elke the shark project organiser and our guide for the week.

Now it did feel like someone had turned the heating off in Egypt as there was a strong wind and this curtailed our diving with sharks as we were restricted to the inland sites until wednesday. But we managed a good few reefs with plenty of good pictures of the wildlife being shown around. A close encounter with a turtle feeding on the soft corals, it bit off a piece and then dropped it in front of me, I managed to catch it and proceeded to hand feed it, superb. Sue being her usual self, debated every point of her dive equipment before getting in and every point of the dive after getting out. We managed a dive on the Salem Express which has a tragic history and is a respected sea grave to the locals, so Sue felt it was hardly right to run around saying whoopey that was my 200th dive. Another milestone was passed by Lucy with her 100th dive during the week. But the biggest, mounumental milestone of the week was when Sue managed to be silent for 20 minutes over breakfast, yes I know, unbelievable.

Anyway tuesday the wind drops and overnight we had a very bumpy ride out to The Brothers for some sharks. So first dive and we drop down on Little Brother and almost straight away we were treated to a grey reef shark and by the end of the dive everyone had had sightings. 2 more dives and sightings of grey reef and thresher sharks. Then an encounter with a large humphead wrasse which enjoyed a little stroke down his side as he passed by so much that he just closely circled me for a minute until we were swamped with other divers.

Part of the trip involves daily talks from Elke on sharks and their lives, again brilliant and very informative, but a struggle at the end of a days diving to stay awake as one or two found out. Food all week was again plentiful and good, but it was a bit worrying that Mitch, with his strange OCD behaviour, having been too many times to count, would recite what each meal was before it appeared.

Back into Hurghada and a final night out, this time we headed in to The Marina, well the taxis are an experience, bad driving at it's worst. But into a couple of bars for a few beers. Some of older ones headed for home around 10 and a couple of nightcaps sat on Blue Horizon. But most stayed on for a few more hours of dancing and drinking to the early hours. Looking at them in the morning I was glad I turned in early. Friday found us lying around the pool at The Marriot relaxing for the day. Lunch and a massage and then back for the flight home to Gatwick.

A great week with good company, roll on next year and hope for a bit better weather.

Trip Details

Following the brilliant trip we have just returned from, diving with sharks in the Red Sea, I am now looking ahead to 2011 to book a similar trip. I would like to be able to secure the whole boat again so I need to be quick to ensure this.

A few details for you of the last trip, 24 of us travelled to the Red Sea with Blue O2 for a week on a superb liveaboard, Blue Melody, diving the outer reefs looking for sharks, we didn’t have to look too hard silky sharks would appear under the boat on most dives. There were sightings of 11 hammerheads and thresher sharks along with reef sharks. There were some superb photos taken, some of which are on the website, along with plenty of video which has yet to come in. We were treated to a talk everyday from the resident shark expert Elke on how to react with the sharks about and the way they are being killed for shark fining and the like. The crew were excellent as was the food. I did not receive one complaint from anyone, which says a lot for the standard on the boat.

So the next adventure, the trip will be from Friday 18th November – Friday 25th November 2011, aboard the liveaboard Blue Horizon, travelling the same itinerary “Simply the Best”, the cost of the trip is £1049 each. There are 26 places on the boat, as a booking agent for Blue O2, if I book 10 people on I receive 1 free place, 20 people 2 free places. These places I will put back in to reduce the cost of the trip which will bring it down to £970. A deposit of £270 is required on booking. Flights are from Gatwick to Hurghada, with about a 10 minute transfer to the boat and returning to Hurghada and a flight back to Gatwick.

You will need to be a PADI Advanced Diver or equivalent with 50 logged dives, but as any of those who went this year the diving is not too difficult and the guides on the boat are always ready to join you should you need their assistance.

To find out more about Blue O2 go to
To find out more about Blue Horizon
To find out more about the itinerary go to
I will be holding a first birthday party for Somerset Divers on the Friday 30th July at The Lamb at Weare, Nr Axbridge and I would like to have bookings in with deposit cheques payable to Blue O2 by this date. If you would like to find out more about the trip email me or come along to the evening and speak to some of those who went on the last one.

As I have said there are only 26 places, book early to ensure your place they will go fast again.

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