5 Star Diving at Poole is back, Poole

Sat 28th August 2010

Trip Report

An update for saturday when we went to Poole to dive off of Rocket again. Trevor started us off well with a sausage sarnie as we loaded the boat, left the harbour in the sunshine but with a chill breeze, loads of grockles about but we left them behind and set out for the first dive. A deep drift, so everyone kitting up, Andrea and I are teaching an Advanced Open Water course to Veronika and Chris and this is to be their Deep dive. When we get to the site it is slightly choppier than we were hoping, so we don't hang around and in we get. Down the line we go and at 18m I look down and think, "whats that ?" ok it's the ground flying past. Talk about settle in and enjoy the ride. Awesome!! I wasn't sure Veronika would stick the pace but all credit to you both, especially as it was eventful, ears, fins and just a bit of a bleeding nose but 30 mins later we are back on the boat. Smiles and laughter all round, definitely a bit faster than expected for everyone.

OK, now to catch dinner, despite my best efforts in a rather choppy seas the mackerel didn't show, so it was burgers on the BBQ by Trevor. There's a hardship!

Dive 2, the wreck of SS Venezuela, 28m, sunk in the first World War. Down the shot line on what was meant to be slack water, but the tide had just started to turn. First bit of wreckage at the bottom of the shot and a lobster and right next to it a big conger. So trying to keep focused on teaching the wreck part of the course, but I'm starting to wish I had bought a collecting bag. Further on the biggest pair of crab claws I have ever seen in a hole in the wreckage, focus point out the sharp bits of the wreckage, ignore crab!!!!

Scaff has added a video below of a huge lobster. The place is covered in congers and shoals of pout whiting.
Dive over and back on the boat, Veronika, Chris, one more dive for your advanced, if you can cope with diving like this you can dive anywhere in the world.

Anyway we hadn't finished, Trevor kindly agreed to take us into the harbour to try and find the seahorses again, so a quick dive in a couple of metres in the sea grass but still they elude us. Never mind it's a good excuse to come back. Then to top it off an enterprising couple of locals come motoring towards us with a couple of Walls ice cream flags and a freezer in the middle of the boat, ice creams all round!!

3 trips already booked for next year, watch out for the dates.

Trip Details

Following the success of the trip to Poole last weekend I have managed to get another date from Trevor.

Saturday August 28th, Bank Holiday weekend, I have booked Rocket out of Poole again, this time following the welcome of a bacon butty as we board, we will be heading off to dive the Black Hawk, the bow part, which is in 18m of water.

http://www.divernet.com/Wrecks/100_best ... wk_33.html
It will then be a BBQ lunch, but you have to catch it first rods supplied, last week we had fresh mackerel backed up with a few sausages and bacon.

Then onto the second dive scalloping/drift dive. All being well we can then have a third dive looking for those elusive seahorses, but this dive is not gauranteed.

You will need to be Advanced Open Water, with 2 tanks and a DSMB, also a collecting bag for those scallops! and may be a lifting bag if you want lots of them.
I will be on the boat with another instructor, Stu if he is allowed out to play this time. So if you want a buddy or assisted dive we will be there at no extra charge.
Don't hang around, places will go quick. Payment in full at the time of booking.

To reserve your place email me at dave@somersetdivers.co.uk

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