Dive trip to the Scilly Isles, Scilly Isles

Thu 2nd September 2010 - Sun 5th September 2010

Trip Report

What a beautiful place the Scillies are and the diving was superb. Viz of 10 - 15m. Somerset Divers set off from Newlyn to The Scillies on Friday morning with 9 divers and 2 kayakers on board The Evert. Not the poshist of sea going vessels!! but we set sail without the promised wall to wall sunshine. With St Michaels Mount and the Cornish coast still within touching distance Steve took to his bed, having gone a bit green. 4 Hours later and we were arriving at the Islands. But for a bit of entertainment on the way a whale put on a show for Ross and Neil, then a pod of dolphins on the bow for the rest of us.

First couple of dives were on reefs, a seal put on a show underwater for a few people. The Evert moored up in Bryher Sound for the night. Then at beer O'clock off to the Fraggle Rock Cafe on Bryher. To find the cafe Chris the skipper told us it is next to the phone box and the goat !! He was right, an old phone box and a goat munching away. Island life. Just as we got the first drinks in, rush hour arrived on the island, a tractor and a quad bike followed by a 4x4 which hadn't seen a garage since it was sold 30 years ago, obviously no mots needed on the island. Just sat there and listening to the world go by, no traffic noise, peace and quite. Now the moment seemed to have overcome one or two of the divers, Scaff and Popstar were seen sat on a rock together watching the sun go down, ah romantic !!!!!!

Day 2 and we started on the wreck diving, brilliant stuff, plenty of fish life, but lacking in lobsters and crabs for the pot. Even better viz, anenomes and soft corals everywhere.

The evening saw us mooring up outside of St Marys Harbour and no sooner could you say beer O'clock and we were in the pub. Proper Job, that was the name of the real ale, mmm nice. Sat on the balcony chatting later and we bump into a group of divers from Bristol, small world. Anyway back on the boat and a little whisky bed time drink and Penny, the hostess on the boat, decides to go for a swim. So Mike decides to join in followed by Neil, just swimming stuff you understand, Mike and Penny are off for a lap of the buoy, Sue gets into a semi dry to join them. Neils then jumps in swam 2 yards and turns back, think the cold bought him back to his senses. Then the drink kicks in again and they are off to the buoy. Now on a still night all you should hear is the sound of the bell on a distant buoy marking some danger at sea, not here, Sue has now been wound right up with this little adventure and none stop chatter. All a bit dangerous you say but we were all watching with torches on them the whole time. Off to bed.

Day 3 and with the threat of high winds in the afternoon we made an early start. A container ship which sank in 1997 and had broken up on the rocks. Brilliant dive. The final dive was meant to be a ship which sank at the beginning of the 1900's containing a lot of beer bottles. Unfortunately there really is not a lot left of the wreck and some of us failed to find it. Not a beer bottle in sight. Back on board and everything tide down for a potentially rough ride home. But back in Newlyn for 4.30 and we missed the storm.

Chris and Penny thanks for a great adventure to the Scilly Isles, a first for most of us. Gwilym and Hannah, the kayakers from Wet and High Adventures, Russ, Gary, Sue, Lucy, Neil, Scaff, Mike and Steve a good laugh, can't wait for next year.

Trip Details

I have managed to provisionally book The Evert,http://www.diving-fish.com/index.php a charter diving boat for a 3 day trip to the Scilly Isles for the evening of Thursday 2nd September returning on the evening of Sunday 5th September.

There are 10 places left, accommodation is in 2 x 3 bunk and 1 x six bunk rooms. Showers and toilets on board. There are 2 dives per day usually on wrecks at 20m +, so this trip is open to Advanced Open Water divers and above or equivalent . DSMB and one tank required as air is available on board.

Breakfast and lunch is included and evening meals are available on shore in local pubs etc. The cost of the trip is £252 with a deposit of £50 being required. I will be on board with another member of staff should you require assistance or guided dives, at no extra charge.

The boat is 24m long built for off shore work, there is also a 4.5m RIB working from the Evert as a safety boat. Email me back as soon as poosible to secure your place.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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