Bank Holiday Dive, Babbacombe

Mon 5th April 2010

Trip Report

A last minute change of plan saw Somerset Divers at Brixham Breakwater. Adam off on his first Open Water dive, a good swim round more interested in hunting out the vast numbers of small edible crabs hiding in the silt. A perfect first dive, with the sighting of the first cuttlefish of the season a really big female. Unfortunately due to a lingering cold he decided to call a halt on his second dive.

Off with 2 groups of pleasure divers, discovering a vast array of crabs on the move, a long-legged spider crab looking just like the piece of weed it was sitting on. Pipefish, dogfish, a reportedly huge purple looking nudibranch and of course a few scallops. The water seems to be warming up and the viz improving slightly. All followed up by an excellent meal at the Breakwater Bistro. The sun even coming out at times, an excellent day

Trip Details

Somerset Divers will be heading for the coast on Monday 5th April, we are planning on Babbacombe, near Torquay, arrival at 9am with high tide being at 10.30am. That will give plenty of time for 2 dives. This trip is subject to change, so ring me beforehand so that I can notify you of any late changes.

If you would like to come along for a guided dive there is a charge of just £20 for the 2 dives.

The journey takes about 1 and a half hours from Cheddar and the location for your satnavs is Beach Road, Babbacombe. The toilets and Wayne’s Cafe should be open.

If you want to come along for a dive with a buddy and just meet up we will always be glad to see you.
Email me to let me know you are coming in case of last minute changes in plans.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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