First Lundy Trip, Lundy Island

Sat 17th April 2010

Trip Report

What a great start to the season, clear blue skies all day, on arrival Andy gave us the bigger catamarran for the day, flat calm seas all the way, even Stuart didn't go green. The viz was not too special and the seals were a bit sparse on the first dive. Motor round to the other side of the Island and there is loads of them basking in the sun. In we go, the ladies rushing in to be first, childish I thought, damn, didn't quite beat them. Seals all round. Hopefully some great camera shots to come. Nasty little current running at the back of the Island caught everyone by surprise, the ladies caught that one first as well !! Ho Ho Ho.

Gary swore he saw a new species of giant blue crab, on examination of the photo we all decided it was clearly a lobster, think you need to get back on the 36% breathing air Gary sure you will feel better!

A brilliant day and thanks to all.

Trip Details

I can now offer the first trip to Lundy for 2010 to dive with the seals. This is on saturday 17th April, leaving from Ilfracombe at about 8.30am, on board "Obsession". The cost I have held at the same as last year.

This trip is suitable for newly qualified divers and above.

I will be on board for the trip with Stuart, so if you wish to have an accompanied dive you can join us at no extra charge. If you wish to complete a course on the day, let me know in advance to see what we can arrange.

Kit hire is also available at £30 for a full set with a charge of £4 per tank for an air fill.

This is strictly on a first come first served basis. Your place will be confirmed by email and then you have 7 days to send your cheque for the full amount payable to Somerset Divers, at 23 Labourham way, Cheddar, Somerset. BS27 3XJ. If the cheque is not received in that time your place will be cancelled and automatically go to the next person on the list. The cheques will not be cashed until just before the trip.

email me at

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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