The trip is now full - UK Cage Diving with sharks, Cornwall

Mon 9th August 2010 - Wed 11th August 2010

Trip Report

Most people arrived at Atlantic Divers, Newquay on the Sunday night. The trip had a really good start on Sunday evening when I met Chris, the skipper with his boat in the picturesque but rather fishy smelling Newquay harbour. He had just come back in with his family having been playing with dolphins in the bay!! and what is swimming around next to the boat, 2 rather large plump seals.

Newquay was rather busy with thousands of tourists, but we were on the streets before them and out on Atlantic Diver by 9am, first job was to catch some mackerel for chum for the sharks. Absolutely no problem, a 100 or more in no time. The first dive on a rather choppy sea was The Syracussa, a superb dive in a minimum 10m viz, so clear. Plenty of fish life from nudibranchs to congers. Then onto the second dive a beautiful clean reef at just under 20m, with viz to almost match. Back into the harbour and there are the seals waiting for us. So there we are hand feeding the seals from the boat with mackerel. Now we know why they were so friendly and plump!! A quick shower and it was beer O'clock.

Day 2 and the predicted no wind and calm seas for the cage diving was definitely not. So a quick change of plan and back on the Syracussa, again superb viz despite the rough sea. Dive 2 and with things getting rougher and quite a few green faces on board we headed in shore for a dive on a shallow sheltered reef. Again good viz despite the rough sea. A bit of salvage for the local lobster men as we recovered a lost crab keep for them with 30 or so edible crabs, then they asked us to recover a bit of machinery they had lost earlier in the day. So, Ian, myself and Sue jumped in and with an expertly led expanding square the object was found. Later on at the accommodation a case of lager arrived, nice chaps them locals. Look it's beer O'clock again.

Day 3 and an unexpected treat, we were asked by The National Lobster Hatchery at Padstow if we could release some of their baby lobster, so dive 1 was releasing 624 of the future lunches onto a beautiful reef. Then out we went, 20 miles off shore for the cage diving with blue sharks. Over the side with the now foul smelling mackerel and we sat and waited on what I am glad to say was a lot calmer sea. Popstar and Neil won the draw to be first in the cage and in they jumped. Everyone keenly looking along the ever expanding chum slick, Neil and Popstar ducking down and looking into the blue. Well after the first hour the excitement died down and we started to doze in the summer sun, I think we forgot about Neil and Popstar and I think after 2 hours Popstar began to lose the plot, more than normal some would say. So no sharks and we headed for home and the long drive back from Newquay. My thanks to everyone who travelled to Newquay especially, Phil, Neil and Tony who came down from up north, you're always welcome lads. To Chris and his family at Atlantic Divers for superb accommodation and food, you have a great setup.

Next year already in the diary, 18th July 2011

Trip Details

Yes cage diving with blue sharks off the Cornish Coast.

I have put together a package for next August of a 3 day diving trip to Newquay of 2 days diving and a one day of cage diving with sharks, 2 nights’ accommodation with B&B and lunch, at a very special price of just £220, remember this is also tourist season time, so these are really good prices.

The details, the trip is from Monday 9th August arrive at Newquay for a 2 dive trip on a hard boat with Atlantic Diver of Newquay, followed by B&B in their log cabins, bunkhouse style accommodation. For you surfers out there it is only 5 minutes from the beach. Apparently for the evening there is also a 10% discount at a local pub just one minute walk away!

Tuesday 10th August is shark diving from the same boat, this is by snorkel in a cage about 20 miles of the coast. Lunch is also provided. Remember this is the time for basking sharks as well and dolphins are often seen. Back for B&B, oh and probably the pub again..

Wednesday 11th a 2 dive trip out on the boat again. Lunch is provided and then home.

For the diving you will need to be PADI advanced Open Water or equivalent, 2 tanks and a DSMB.

This is limited to just 12 spaces and I will need a deposit of £30 before November 15th. As usual this is strictly first come first served. Contact me by email at or by phone 07837614004.

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Tank fills and kit hire available
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