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Somerset Divers is now a sponsor of the Coronation Wreck Project ( ), this is a “Protected Wreck Site” which can only by dived with permission under a licence which is held by The Project.
We will be organising several dive trips throughout the year to the site, where divers will have the opportunity to contribute to the research being carried out by completing tasks set by The Project.

Corination Wreck

The Coronation was a Second Rate Ship of the Line launched in 1685, and wrecked in a gale off Penlee Point, Plymouth on 3rd September 1691. The ship carried 90 guns and about 550 crew, all but 20 died. The wreck lay lost and forgotten until 1967 when it was rediscovered. So far 86 canon from the wreck have been discovered, the search is on for the other 4. One of the canon many divers will already have seen, it was taken round to Fort Bovisand and now lies just outside of the harbour. The wreck lies across a wide area with two main sites, the inshore site in about 5m of water and the offshore site in about 20m. Both are protected
The Project has now completed a magnetometer survey of the area and have several targets to check. It could be some of the missing canon or other parts of the wreck. The ship sank with most of the crew and their belongings, so they could be anything. From the monitoring carried out by the Project it would appear that the sand is slowly being stripped of the wreck revealing new items every time they dive.

Somerset Divers will be advertising trips to the site, due to the location only Advanced Open Water Divers or equivalent will be able to take part, you do not have to have completed an archaeological course although it will give you a greater insight. A licence will be obtained for each diver which allows them to dive on that one occasion. The charge for the place will be non-refundable unless the dive is cancelled by the charter boat due to weather. A full briefing will be carried out to introduce you to the site, with strict rules being explained and enforced.

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