Air Fills

We are able to provide air fills for 232bar cylinders at the following prices

  • 7 ltr £3.00
  • 10 ltr £3.50
  • 12 ltr £3.75
  • 15 ltr £4.00
  • For other sizes and twin sets please contact us for a price.

Please note: We may not always be able to fill your tanks while you wait and would advise phoning first to avoid dissapointment. We will not fill any tank that does not have a valid test date on it.

Kit Hire

Somerset divers has many sets of scuba diving kit that are available for hire by certified divers.
All of our kit is serviced regulary and suitable for diving in the cooler waters of the UK.

Full Kit Hire

Full kit hire is availble from £35.00 when diving with Somerset Divers (Please note: Full Kit Hire is included in most course packages F.O.C) and from £40.00 when diving else where.
Full kit hire includes the following items:

  • BCD
  • Regulators
  • Mask & Snorkel
  • Semi-dry Suit
  • Hood & Gloves
  • Boots & Full Foot Fins
  • Lead Weights
  • 1x Full 12ltr Cylinder (Note: For Somerset Divers Trips requiring 2 cylinders,additional cylinder will be supplied F.O.C.)

Additional Items

As well as the items listed above that can be hired in full or as individual items we are also available to offer the following items for hire.

  • 7,10,12,15 ltr Cylinders
  • Various Reels & Lines
  • Delayed surface marker bouys
  • Surface marker bouys
  • Torches
  • Compasses
  • Under water cameras or video camera
  • Weight Belts
  • Dive Computers

For a no obligation quote and to check availability, please contact us including the dates of your hire period and also any size and quantities you require.

Tank fills and kit hire available
PADI Boat Diver (BOAT)
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